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Should a 4x800 Relay or Distance Medley Relay be added to the state track & field meet?
Yes To give Oregon high school distance runners a greater opportunity to participate at the state track and field meet. -
Yes The majority of other high school state meets include the 4x800 relay-
Yes New!  YES!!!! 4x800 or the DMR would be a great addition to the state meet. These races are very exciting and it would be nice to showcase Oregon distance runners. -Coach Mike Bojorquez, St. Mary's Academy
Yes As I look over a 3-day State meet schedule -- with the 3k on day 1, the 800 on day 1 & 2, and the 1500 on day 3 -- and a 2-day District schedule with the 1500 and 3k on separate days, it makes more and more sense to have an additional relay event for the distance runners. At the end of the last day of either meet works very well for all but the occasional individual that also runs the 4x400, as the 3k is gone from that typical end-of-meet spot. We have found that once a distance crew achieves a moderate level of depth, there is a need for more competitive opportunities, and a 4x800 would fill the void nicely  -Coach Dan Kaplan, McKay HS
Yes I support the idea of a 4x800 at State. Another opportunity for athletes to compete and a way for distance runners to have a little more clout in team scoring. -Coach Dave Clingan, Cleveland HS
Yes I would strongly support a 4x800m relay or DMR at the state meet. The current meet format rewards schools for having a strong group of sprinters. However, schools with a strong group of distance runners are left out of the equation and can only qualify elite individuals for the state meet. Adding a distance relay would balance the equation some.  -Coach Matthew Call, La Salle HS
Yes I would definitely help back that we add the 4X800 to the state meet. How do we get this started for future state meets? -Oregon HS Coach
Yes I ran the DMR in high school in another state - always as the 1200m leg. It was my favorite race to be a part of. As a coach, I prefer it to the 4x8 because it is a measure of the distance prowess of a team, as opposed to the 4x8 which seems to be more of a gauge of how large your stable of horses is. There is already too much of a slant toward the sprints at state and district so it would be nice to see another opportunity for the distance crews to contribute. -Oregon HS Coach
Yes A 4x800m or DMR are really a no-brainer for the state of Oregon. How
could a state with such a rich history of distance running not have a long relay?  - Coach Jacob Michaels, Franklin High School
Yes The DMR gets a little more strung out while the 4x800 would be a much closer, tighter event (that also would require less time).   - Coach Tom Jimenez, Sprague High School
Yes I'd love to see more distance racing at the state level. The steeplechase ... 4x800 or DM relay would be equally as cool  - Oregon HS Coach
Yes I like the idea of ANYTHING that allows more kids participate at the state meet. I also agree that there is a disparity in the percentage of sprinters vs. distance kids that currently qualify for the meet. - Oregon HS Coach
Yes I would love to see a 4x800 added to the state track meet. If given a choice between a distance medley and a 4x800 I would rather see the 4x800 added. However, I think if any other event for distance runners gets added I would be thrilled. - Oregon HS Coach
Yes I love the idea of another relay….medley or 4x8 would be great- Oregon HS SPRINT Coach
Yes I love the idea of having a 4x800 relay. I've been coaching in Arizona the last few years and the 4x 800 relay is one of the main events people look forward to watching! Oregon should install the 4x 800 relay into meets.  - Oregon HS Coach
Yes, but... I don't know anyone opposed to this but most head coaches are not distance coaches and probably don't care enough to pursue it. Just my two cents.  - Oregon HS Coach
No Distance runners are over-raced.  We need to develop the individual and save the longer relays for college. - Oregon HS Coach
No All I hear about are proposals, etc., and they are always focused on getting to state... as much as I love success at the state meet, that shouldn't be the end all be all for why you run and why you train.  It should be the journey...I know that sounds corny, but I think it's true. - Oregon HS Coach
No I think the state meets should only include the events available at the collegiate and international level and would like to see the events expanded to include more of them (steeplechase, heptathlon and decathlon) before expanding the events to include ones not contested at other levels. - Oregon HS Coach

Oregon HS Coaches "Straw Poll":
1) Are you open to the idea of a 4x800 relay or distance medley relay at the state meet? 
2) Which do you prefer... 4x800 relay or distance medley relay? 

If you are a head or assistant track and field coach then please email your opinion to Chris Hamilton (Parkrose '80, University of Oregon '85) at
Current Results (as of 4/8/08)
Are you open to the idea of a state 4x800 relay or DMR? Which relay do you prefer?
Yes 28 4x800 13
No 2 DMR 5
Total 30 No preference 10
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