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Mythical 4x800 State Qualifiers for 2010
(Based on times as of May 25)
The purpose of the "Mythical 4x800 State Qualifiers" is entertainment.  It also recognizes teams and athletes that might have participated in the state meet if the 4x800 event existed. 
Qualifying:  The top two teams from each district qualify for the state meet.  At state there will be a direct final with a one turn alley start.  If there are 8 or fewer teams then lanes may be used to start the race.
6A Boys 6A Girls
(with seed times)

4x800 Finals 
Jesuit (Metro) 7:56.24
Grant (Portland Interscholastic) 7:59.02
Beaverton (Metro) 8:00.65
West Linn (Three Rivers) 8:02.56
South Eugene (Southwest) 8:04.54
South Medford (Southwest) 8:04.69
South Salem (Central Valley) 8:08.21
Central Catholic (Mt Hood) 8:08.64
Lakeridge (Three Rivers) 8:11.16
Tigard (Pacific) 8:12.66
Lincoln (Portland Interscholastic) 8:16.00
Reynolds (Mt Hood) 8:13.21
Newberg (Pacific) 8:17.67
Redmond (Central Valley) 8:18.86
(with seed times)

4x800 Finals 
Jesuit (Metro) 9:18.44
Tualatin (Pacific) 9:23.48
South Eugene (Southwest) 9:27.71
Franklin (Portland Interscholastic) 9:31.20
Grant (Portland Interscholastic) 9:32.49
Lake Oswego (Three Rivers) 9:33.38
St Mary's Academy (Mt Hood) 9:35.84
South Medford (Southwest) 9:36.54
Hood River Valley (Mt Hood) 9:37.48
Beaverton (Metro) 9:53.01
Tigard (Pacific) 9:54.39
Lakeridge (Three Rivers) 10:02.41
Sprague (Central Valley) 10:04.13
South Salem (Central Valley) 10:25.31
5A Boys 5A Girls
(with seed times)

4x800 Finals
Crater (Southern Sky) 8:00.29
Cleveland (Portland Interscholastic) 8:10.54
Thurston (Midwestern) 8:11.09
Crescent Valley (Mid-Willamette) 8:14.13
Churchill (Midwestern) 8:16.50
Ashland (Southern Sky) 8:18.02
St Helens (Northwest Oregon) 8:18.98
Marshall (Portland Interscholastic) 9:19.60
Hermiston (Intermountain) 8:21.19
West Albany (Mid-Willamette) 8:21.74
Wilsonville (Northwest Oregon) 8:22.24
Mountain View (Intermountain) 8:25.13
(with seed times)

4x800 Finals
Summit (Intermountain) 9:32.86
Crater (Southern Sky) 9:38.44
Sherwood (Northwest Oregon) 9:40.84
Hermiston (Intermountain) 9:53.60
North Eugene (Midwestern) 9:56.69
Ashland (Southern Sky) 9:58.83
Silverton (Mid-Willamette) 10:03.20
Thurston (Midwestern) 10:07.60
Crescent Valley (Mid-Willamette) 10:11.26
Hillsboro (Northwest Oregon) 10:13.41
Cleveland (Portland Interscholastic) 10:47.56
4A Boys 4A Girls
(with seed times)

4x800 Finals 
Siuslaw (Far West) 8:04.52
Cottage Grove (Sky-Em) 8:20.78
La Salle (Capital) 8:22.04
Henley (Skyline) 8:24.08
Philomath (Val-Co) 8:25.01
Sisters (Sky-Em) 8:27.75
Seaside (Cowapa) 8:28.60
Hidden Valley (Skyline) 8:35.45
Cascade (Capital) 8:37.16
Scappoose (Cowapa) 8:38.39
Taft (Val-Co) 8:50.26
Douglas (Far West) 8:51.95
Baker (Greater Oregon) 8:53.17
La Grande (Greater Oregon) 8:56.06
(with seed times)

4x800 Finals 
Marist (Sky-Em) 9:44.92
Siuslaw (Far West) 9:58.83
Philomath (Val-Co) 10:06.23
Hidden Valley (Skyline) 10:11.42
Molalla (Capital) 10:12.71
Banks (Cowapa) 10:13.03
Sisters (Sky-Em) 10:22.17
Henley (Skyline) 10:26.32
La Salle (Capital) 10:26.79
Seaside (Cowapa) 10:31.63
McLoughlin (Greater Oregon) 10:41.73
Sweet Home (Val-Co) 10:41.86
Sutherlin (Far West) 10:54.33
La Grande (Greater Oregon) 11:16.35
3A Boys 3A Girls
(with seed times)

4x800 Finals 
Nyssa (Eastern Oregon) 8:34.02
Westside Christian (West Valley) 8:38.16
Glide (Sunset Six) 8:43.67
Amity (West Valley) 8:44.02
Oregon Episcopal (Lewis & Clark) 8:46.38
Warrenton (Lewis & Clark) 8:46.76
Cascade Christian (Sunset Six) 8:48.20
Santiam Christian (PacWest) 9:01.97
Grant Union (Eastern Oregon) 9:06.84
Waldport (PacWest) 9:22.87
(with seed times)

4x800 Finals
Valley Catholic (West Valley) 10:03.25
Westside Christian (West Valley) 10:26.68
Bandon (Sunset Six) 10:26.80
Catlin Gabel (Lewis & Clark) 10:32.64
Myrtle Point (Sunset Six) 10:38.87
Santiam Christian (PacWest) 11:05.39
Nyssa (Eastern Oregon) 11:12.39
Neah-Kah-Nie (Lewis & Clark) 11:43.89
Waldport (PacWest) 11:46.88
Umatilla (Eastern Oregon) 11:52.00
2A Boys 2A Girls
(with seed times)

4x800 Finals
St Mary's (Southern Cascade) 8:35.77
Portland Christian (Northwest) 8:38.33
Central Linn (Mountain View) 8:53.23
Kennedy (Tri-River) 9:03.61
Stanfield (Blue Mountain) 9:04.28
East Linn Christian (Tri-River) 9:10.40
Irrigon (Blue Mountain) 9:15.32
Oakridge (Mountain View) 9:25.88
De La Salle N Catholic (Northwest) 9:26.82
Lost River (Southern Cascade) 9:45.45
(with seed times)

4x800 Finals
East Linn Christian (Tri-River) 10:16.98
Blanchet Catholic (Tri-River) 10:32.57
Heppner (Blue Mountain) 10:44.39
Riverdale (Northwest) 10:51.89
Lost River (Southern Cascade) 10:52.70
Oakridge (Mountain View) 10:55.29
Union (Blue Mountain) 10:58.25
Portland Christian (Northwest) 11:04.43
Central Linn (Mountain View) 11:58.63
1A Boys 1A Girls
(with seed times)

4x800 Finals
Southwest Christian (Casco) 8:24.71
Pacific (Mountain Skyline) 8:58.18
Crow (Mountain West) 9:06.79
New Hope Christian (Mountain Skyline) 9:21.52
Crane (High Desert) 9:28.78
Dufur (Big Sky) 9:30.89
Portland Lutheran (Casco) 9:44.33
Adrian (High Desert) 9:56.21
Condon/Wheeler (Big Sky) 10:07.39
(with seed times)

4x800 Finals
Southwest Christian (Casco) 10:38.50
Imbler (Old Oregon) 11:00.47
Crow (Mountain West) 11:59.24
Pacific (Mountain Skyline) 12:03.10
Perrydale (Casco) 12:43.12
Dufur (Big Sky) 14:45.04